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Lesson 43: Healthy Menopause and Body Care During the Wisdom Years

Here’s a striking way to think about menopause: the average age of “the change” for women in the US is 51 years and the average life expectancy is 83 years; thus women in the US spend approximately one-third of their lives in the menopausal years! Also significant is the sheer volume of women in the […]


Lesson 44: Hormone Replacement Therapy

How to Do Lesson 44 1. Read Lesson PDF 2. Read Required Reading 3. Do E-Quiz


Lesson 45: Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

Many women consider hot flashes the worst of the perimenopausal symptoms. There has been an effort in the alternative health movement to reframe the experience of hot flashes into something positive – for example, energy rushes, power surges, etc. For many women this can be a helpful way to embrace the power and intensity of […]


Lesson 46: Insomnia, Anxiety, and Depression

Depression is marked by feelings of hopelessness, despair, dejection, sadness, and low vitality. It can affect every aspect of a woman’s life from home to work, and may be mild to severe. The causes of depression are many and include biochemical imbalances, medical illness, trauma (past or recent), nutritional deficiencies, dietary factors, stress, psychosocial issues, […]


Lesson 47: Uterine Bleeding

Why is it important for herbalists to know how to address common, benign causes of vaginal bleeding? Because hysterectomy is one of the most commonly recommended treatments for vaginal bleeding, with as many as 650,000 hysterectomies performed annually in the US (that’s 12 per second!), more than half of which are considered unnecessary! By age […]


Lesson 48: Vaginal Dryness, Uterine Prolapse, Low Libido

Our bodies inevitably change with age. While we can be just as sexy at 45, 55, and older and we’re way smarter and more sophisticated than when we were 20 and 30, for many women the actual physical matrix of the vaginal tissue is less full, plump and juicy than it was prior to menopause […]


Lesson 49: Prevention of Heart Disease

The heart is both a precious life-sustaining organ and a metaphor for the love, joy, and pain we feel. It is where we literally, and metaphorically, hold our joy and pain. The emotional experiences of our lives do have an impact on the heart; thus we have expressions such as heartache and heartbreak for our […]


Lesson 50: Osteoporosis

Congratulations! At the end of this lesson you will have completed the course work for Herbal Medicine for Women! I hope this has been a nourishing, empowering, and informative journey, and that along the way, you have begun to incorporate herbal medicines more into your personal life. I also hope that this is just the […]


Unit 4: Cases, Formulas, and Reflections Self-Study Guide

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