Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do when I graduate?

The skills you gain in this course will help you to be successful in:

  • Enhancing herbal medicine use in your life…and practice
  • Making a living as an herbalist
  • Enhancing or building a botanical consulting practice/ consulting in another practitioner’s office
  • Writing/publishing in herbal magazines
  • Teaching at herbal events, conferences, and schools
  • Making and selling herbal products
  • Starting your own or working for an herbal medicine company
  • Consulting for industry in formula development
  • Starting any number of herbally-related businesses


Will this course prepare me to become a practicing herbalist?

Yes. This course provides the academic foundation you need to practice botanical medicine for women’s health. If you are not a licensed clinician, you’ll still need clinical training before you go out there and hang your shingle. The good news is that successfully graduating from this course gives you caché and a letter of recommendation from me that is likely to help you land a great internship if you want to go further with your clinical training.

If you are already a clinical practitioner with prescribing rights, you might want to do a short internship to see an herbalist in action, but in general, you will be able to use the knowledge gained in this course to add herbs right into your prescribing repertoire.


How long does it take to complete the course?
 How many hours of total study?

Since everyone studies and learns at their own pace, it is impossible to quantify this exactly. I estimate that working at 3-4 hours/week you can reasonably complete this course in 18-24 months. Many students choose to take longer, working at a slower pace because of busy lives, or simply savoring the materials.


What credentials are conferred upon completion?

Upon successful completion of this program you may call yourself a Certified Women’s Herbal Educator. Graduates receive a Certificate as a Women’s Herbal Educator through the program, as well as a special graduation gift.


Are Continuing Education credits available to students of the course?

Herbal Medicine for Women has been approved for the following CEUs:

  • Certified Nurse-Midwives: American College of Nurse Midwives, Program #2014/007
  • Naturopaths: Oregon Board of Naturopathic Examiners, #PDP-HMW
  • Acupuncturists: California Acupuncture Board, Provider #1044
  • Meets Category 1 requirements for the recertification of Certified Professional Midwives (North American Registry of Midwives).

Please contact us with any questions about CEUs.


What are the completion requirements?

The WomanWise Certified Women’s Herbal Educator™ Program requires passing grades for all lessons, the successful completion of a women’s health reading curriculum, a final project, and a final exam.


What is the cost of the course and how can I pay?

US Students: $2,150.00


International Students: $2,175.00
• All payments to be made in US dollars.
• All communication and lesson grading is done online and by email


Methods of Payment
• Check or money order
• Bank or credit cards through PayPal


Is there a payment plan?

The payment plan allows you to pay for the course in 3 installments. You pay $1,075.00 at the time of enrollment and then 2 further payments of $575.00 in the following 6 months. Course materials are sent out in installments.

International students who utilize the payment plan are charged an additional fee to enroll using the payment plan (Canada: $25; all other countries: $50) to cover the cost of the additional shipping.


I heard that there is a special discount for Study Groups.  Is this true?

Study groups can register at a special discounted rate! When three or more women register together, the cost per student is $1850 ($1800 if you already have Aviva’s textbook). All study group payments must be received in full before materials will be sent. There are no payment plan options for study groups. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Are there any additional expenses beyond tuition?

  • Principles and Practices of Phytotherapy (Mills and Bone)
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology at a Glance (Norwitz and Schorge)
  • Botanical supplies for hands-on medicine making (about $150 total using HMW student discounts at Mountain Rose Botanicals)


Additional Requirements

Internet access is required.


Not the ‘student-type’? Not to worry!

This WomanWise course will spark your personal confidence, empowerment, and creativity. You will be supported by a community of adult learners. And you can learn and complete materials at your own pace. Final projects are fun, and have ranged from art to academics. One student created an herbal kit for her daughters to take to college! Another created a website on postpartum herbal care. And there are no surprises in the final exam! This course is designed for you to grow, learn, and succeed.


About distance learning

Distance learning is an excellent model for busy women — and aren’t we all! It allows us to learn in the comfort of our own homes, at our personal pace, with a cup of tea in hand! Online learning models offer multimedia personal touches like video and audio that you can download whenever you have the chance. And distance learning is now a highly respected form of education – I went back to college via distance-learning university program!

Distance learning does require a certain amount of motivation and self-discipline, but most of my courses include a forum with other learners so you always have supportive allies cheering you on – including me! And with the short courses there are no grades or exams. It’s just learning for your pure pleasure! Drop those old school anxieties and finally learn what you want to – with no pressure!