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It’s 2 am and your toddler wakes up crying. “Mommy, my ear hurts.” You take her temperature and she has a fever. Should you take her to the doctor? Is it safe to treat her safely with herbs or other natural remedies? And what should you use? This is where it can get really confusing. Can you trust natural remedies for common children’s symptoms? Do you have what you need at home already?  This is where Healthy All Year comes in.

Healthy All Year is an amazing course created by one of my teachers, Dr. Aviva Romm. A midwife and herbalist, and now medical doctor, Aviva is on a mission to help parents take back the health of their children, and to reduce the overuse of medications in them, including antibiotics.

What can Healthy All Year do for your family? It will help you keep your kids sniffle, fever and cough free, prevent unnecessary doctor’s office visits, keep your kids off of unnecessary medications, and boost their immunity now to keep them resilient all year long! It will also save you money wasted on ineffective supplements, and time sorting out what to give your kids! It gives you the tools you need to keep your kids healthy, treat them with natural approaches for common illnesses like colds, flu, pinkeye, gut bugs, and coughs, and prevent the overuse of medications that can have a long term harmful impact on our children’s health. And it will give YOU peace of mind in your natural health choices for your family.

The course is on sale now for more than 50% off – through October 4th. Keep your child strong and check out Healthy All Year by enrolling at [insert your affiliate link]




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