Read these details carefully.  If you need any assistance at any time during this sale, drop Tracy an email at [email protected].

You can also find some resources you can use to promote the course HERE.

Launch dates

  • Healthy All Year is available year-round, but we are offering a special sale price of $97 (a $100 savings) until Sunday, October 4th at 11:59 PM PST.
  • During the sale the course will be offered at a price point of $97 to our communities, to provide a lot of value for a small price. The cost will return to the regular price of $197 after the sale.

Commission Structure

  • Each of you will receive a unique affiliate link through Infusionsoft – our email service – to use in your promotional efforts. This link will track all sales that come from anyone that you shared your personal link with.
  • You will earn a 30% commission on any sale that comes through your unique link.  Your commission will be computed based on the price paid by the person who enrolls – i.e. 30% of $97, or 30% of $197.
  • Anyone whose links generate at least 5 sales will also receive a free enrollment in the Healthiest Kids course of their choice. (For those who have already registered for a course, we will reimburse your enrollment costs for that course.)

Creating Your Unique Links

In order to earn commissions, you will want the people you send to the course website to use your unique affiliate link.  It’s easy to find.  Just log in to Infusionsoft using the link, username, and password that came in your affiliate email.

The key item you will find in the Affiliate Resource Center is your unique affiliate link. This is what you use to send people to the course website and, if they enroll, earn commissions.  You will find the Link Generator in the left column – click on it and look for your link as in the image below.

Just copy that link and save it somewhere on your computer. This is the link you use to send people to the course website and, if they enroll, earn commissions.

If you run into any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]


Promo Suggestions

  • We hope that you will be proud to promote this course as it is of excellent quality. I have only chosen my HMW students, and a few people who I highly respect and admire, to be included as affiliates.
  • We do not have specific promotional requirements – no set numbers of emails for you to send or Facebook posts or any other obligations – because I want to be sure that you do what works best for your community and feels right for you.
  • That said, here are some ideas for affiliate promotions that we’ve noticed work well.


Email: Send out a dedicated email to the people on your email list who you think would be interested to learn about this course. You can also send out a second email with a [Reminder Last Day for Healthy All Year Sale] subject line on October 2nd or 3rd to remind them that the discounted sale price is only good through October 4th.

Facebook and Twitter: We provide a sample Facebook post and sample tweets, if you’d like to promote the course that way too! Just write to [email protected] and request them.

You find a couple of images you can use in your emails or on Facebook, as well as sample language on this page.

Thank you for all of your support,